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The AMSET Centre supports research and education in renewable energy and sustainable living.  The Director is John Twidell.  Others work in co-operation, either self employed or as team members on joint research programmes and projects.

His co-authored textbook, Renewable Energy Resources (second edition 2006, published by Taylor & Francis) sells world-wide, mainly on postgraduate courses.  The most recent book is 'Offshore Wind Power', edited by John Twidell and Gaetano Gaudiosi, Multi-Science Publishing, Brentwood, UK. Also back in print by Cambridge University Press is 'Guide to Small Wind Energy Conversion Systems', edited John Twidell, June 2011.

This site allows you to access information from our publications, programmes and links.  Students on courses can obtain specific information and make contact.  For other users, the directed links have been selected to help them with most enquiries.

Email John Twidell at amset@onetel.com 

Prof John Twidell M.A., D.Phil, F Inst P, works independently as an academic consultant and writer in renewable energy and sustainability and as Director of the AMSET Centre Ltd.  Present work includes:

  • Lecturing and supervision for MSc courses and dissertations (Oxford, Reading and City universities)
  • Consultancy in renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • Participation in the European Wind Energy Association, British Wind Energy Association, UK Institute of Physics (energy advisory committee), UK Institute of Civil Engineering (energy journal assessor)
  • Board of Westmill Windfarm Cooperative (5 x 1.3 MW turbines between Swindon & Oxford)
  • Preparation of the 3rd edition of the University text book ‘Renewable Energy Resources’, by Twidell and Weir, Taylor & Francis
  • External examiner (recently PhD’s at the Universities of New South Wales, Delft, Lund; B.Sc. University of West Indies)

He held the Chair in Renewable Energy at De Montfort University and was Director of the Energy Studies Unit of Strathclyde University.  Previously, he had appointments at Universities in Africa and the South Pacific.  He has served on the Boards of the British Wind Energy Association and the UK Solar Energy Society, and was an adviser to the UK Parliamentary Select Committee on Energy.

Practical experience has included management of :- a 3 MW (60 m) and two ~ 15 kW wind turbine installations on Orkney, passive-solar low-energy buildings, a zero-carbon house in Leicestershire and many experimental projects in renewable energy.

He is Editor Emeritus of the academic journal ‘Wind Engineering’, having been General Editor from 1998 to 2007.

He is a visiting lecturer at:

  1. The Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford (MSc in Environmental Change, Energy Module),
  2. The University of Reading (MSc in Renewable Energy and Sustainability)
  3. The School of Aeronautics and Engineering, City University, London (MSc in Energy, Environment, Economics and Technology).

He has written ~ 100 published papers on renewable and sustainable energy, a major textbook in renewable energy and chapters in 9 other books.

The company, AMSET, was formed after initial development as a University postgraduate department from a charitable endowment.  The mission is to continue the work as an independent spin-off company, conducting and supporting research and education.  By way of ‘practicing what is preached’ and for demonstration, the buildings at the AMSET Centre (visit 52o33' 59.80" N, 0o48'36.77" on GoogleEarth) are heated by biomass fuels, hot water is from solar thermal collectors, electricity is from roof-mounted photovoltaics with surplus for grid export, the main building has 200 mm of external insulation; the vehicles can use biodiesel; associated horticulture uses pumped irrigation from solar power. Upload details.